by Victory Design
MyCMS Development Modules

Our system is designed to help you manage your business using flexible, expandable, and affordable components. This is not cookie cutter software that forces you into a rigid format these are interactive, dynamic systems that are run on our server and can be customized to suit your individual needs.

Choose any or all of the modules below for a site taylor made for your needs.

Your system comes complete with our relationship, expertise, and customer support. We're there for you as your business grows to provide you with cutting edge solutions.

Basic Page Development Module

These features are standard on all our packages:

  • Secure Administration Section
  • Page Builder Module
    Quickly build and edit webpages, add graphics and optimize page for Search Engines.
  • Menu Builder
    Quickly build a dynamic Menu System for your website. Can be configured to automatically create roll-over button, and footer menus.
  • Online Help Files
    Every module come complete with on-line help files for detailed instructions.
  • FAQ Builder
    Easily build an FAQ page or any other page that has a consistent series of Questions/Answers, Header/content. The FAQ builder allows you to set formats the different components and then quickly add the content.
  • Personal Preferences
    Allows you to customize your administration section with your own unique preferences for font face and size. It also allows you to set the display size of the form fields so you can maximize the use of your monitor screen and minimize scroll bars.
  • Metatag Analyzer
    Allows you to quickly write and analyze your metatags to maximize search engine penetration.
  • Image Manager
    Easily upload, name and organize and delete your webpage images.
Member Module

Build and maintain an On-line database of members or customers.

  • E-Mail List
    Members can be quickly organized into groups for targeted e-mails
  • Secure login
    You site can be configured to restrict access to only pre-qualified members.
  • Member Signup
    Allow new members to signup to receive whatever you want to send them.
  • Customized Fields
    Tell us what you fields you want and we'll set them up for you.
E-Commerce Module

Build and maintain an On-line Store.

  • Product Database
    Quickly and easily add products to your database. The products can be organized into several categories, images connected to them, Regular and Sale prices indicated and much more.
  • Multiple Currencies
    Your site can be configured to sell products in multiple currencies. Prices can quickly be adjusted when exchange rates change.
  • Secure Orderform
    Secure Site with full encryption.
  • Multiple Payment Options
    We can set the payment options you prefer. Credit cards can be processed manually or by automated on-line processing.
  • Customer (Member) database
    Customers are automatically entered into the member database so you can notify them of new products, specials etc.
  • Shipping Options
    Shipping can be calculated by weight, destination, quantity, first and additional product, included in price or calculated manually after the order has been processed.
  • E-Mail Confirmations
    Once the Order has been received and payment approved, shipping calc
Gallery Module

Quickly organize and manage online Photo Albums

  • Albums
    Photos can be organized into Albums.
  • Lightbox
    Add, sort and label your photos.
Calendar Module

Create a Dynamic On-line Calendar

  • Easy to Add and Maintain events
    Information can include: date, time, event details, contact person and many other customizable fields
  • Options for One Time or Repeating Events
    Simply chose the first date, last date and how often they repeat, daily, weekly, monthly etc.
  • Can be viewed as a List or Calendar Page
    Online viewers can click between the options.
Form Creator Module

Build your own online forms.

  • Unlimited Number of fields
    Build forms a large and with as many fields as you desire.
  • Save to Database and/or E-mail results
    Data can be stored, sort and retrieved in a database and/or e-mailled to multiple accounts.
  • Secure Forms
    If data requires encryption it can be processed on our secure server.
  • Linked to Members
    When data is submitted it can be linked to Member records.
Directory Module

Organize Businesses, Customers or Members into an On-line Directory

  • Expanded Menu Systems
    Allows for multiple category entries
  • Area Module
    You set the parameters for the area. (Country, Province/State, City, Region, County)
  • Multiple Search Options
    Advanced search criteria can be added.
Discussion Board/Blog Module

Start and maintain On-line Forums and Blogs

  • Member Sign-On
    Restrict discussion to approved members or leave it open to anonymous entries
  • Moderated and Unmoderated
    You decide whether anyone can start a discussion or whether it is restricted to approved members.
  • Notification of New Submissions
    You can be set up for confirmation whenever new entries are added.
  • Message Editing and Deletion
    You have complete control over submissions which can be edited or deleted if you deem them inappropriate.
  • Guest Book
    Little brother of the discussion board. Allows submissions but not designed for responses or ongoing discussion.
Banner Rotator

Add Rotating banners to our webpages. For popular sites this can be a great revenue stream.

  • Different Sizes and Locations
    Select banner criteria for different locations on your website.
  • Choose when Banner Expires.
    Banners can be set to expire: never, after a specified number of loads or clicks, or after a specified date.